Michael Jackson

Prima Facie


On trial for his life, Michael finds himself falling for his lead counsel, Tom Mesereau. Charming, good-natured, and kind, Mez is everything Michael's been looking for in a partner. But calling him Tom is a step too far, because Michael can't help but notice the parallels between Mez and Tom Sneddon, the district attorney hell-bent on destroying Michael's life. But Sneddon isn't just an antagonist: he's a bitter ex-lover from whom Michael has spent over a decade trying to escape. Manipulation, desire, deceit, broken bones, and broken hearts--Michael endured it all for eleven years until the arrest. As his trial unfolds, Michael must confront and exorcise his own demons if he means to survive.

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The Family Business


For hot-tempered New York mafia boss Evan Chandler, the death of his wife June in an accidental shooting is devastating. Lost in his grief, he’s left to maintain his crime empire and care for his twelve-year-old son Jordan. Evan’s at his wit’s end until Joseph Jackson—don of the prestigious Jackson clan on the west coast—sends his son Michael to live with Evan and run the Chandlers’ bar. Michael’s set to inherit the family business, but he’d rather eschew the seedy underworld of the mob and instead settle into a nice suburban life.

Romance sparks between Evan and Michael as Michael’s warmth and upbeat positivity slowly heal the deep chasm in the family. That’s when their picture-perfect life begins to unravel— Joseph wants Michael back home, but Michael’s not going: he’s in love. This love puts Evan, Jordan, and Michael’s lives at risk as they’re hunted down by Michael’s own family, who will stop at nothing to bring him home. How far is Michael willing to go to protect the people he loves?

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