The Walking Dead

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Shelter from the Storm


AU. NZ. Sheriff Rick Grimes is a widower raising his three-year-old daughter, Judith, and rebellious teenage son, Carl. When Carl runs into problems with his high school baseball coach, Negan, Rick is ready to write the guy off as a foul-mouthed asshole with zero redeeming qualities—except for maybe his cocky smirk and undeniable charisma. But after Negan ends up in the drunk tank one night at the King County Sheriff’s Department, Rick discovers there’s a lot more to Negan than meets the eye.

Soon Rick finds himself struggling with feelings he hasn’t experienced since his deceased wife, Lori. Negan turns Rick’s world upside down, and they’ll have to make sure this relationship stays under wraps, lest their small Georgia town erupt into chaos.

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non timebo mala


Negan has spent over two decades coping with his struggles through songwriting, and it’s made his band, Negan and The Saviors, an established stadium rock act. After the tragic deaths of his wife and unborn daughter, Negan dives head-first into exorcising the demons in his head, but he can’t deal with the ghost of his wife Lucille haunting the home they once shared. Desperate to put his lost love’s spirit to rest, Negan seeks the help of paranormal investigator Rick Grimes, and an unexpected intimacy develops between them. As a single father to two children, Rick has suffered loss too, and in time Negan finds himself building a life with Rick and becoming the father he never had.

Unwilling to lose anyone else that he loves without a fight, Negan joins Rick in the perilous job of hunting monsters, and together they face demons, ghosts, and other unexplained creatures terrorizing the lives of their clients. But Negan soon discovers that even in a world crawling with supernatural beasts, the darkest horrors lurk inside human beings.

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