Holding the Infinite

Loki/Black Widow, Post-Avengers (2012), Dark Themes, Angsty Schmoop, Character Death, Developing Relationship, Drama


Broken by the death of his father, Loki’s trip to Stark Towers, begging Natasha to kill him, could have been the worst choice he’s ever made. Instead, Natasha offers him comfort and makes him promise that he will come back the next time he feels lost. This vow sets him on an unexpected journey of self-discovery, acceptance, and redemption.

But dark shadows from his past threaten to tear apart his new life. Loki is being hunted down, and the ripples and echoes of his mistakes have put the people he now holds dear in unfathomable danger. Still saddled with the guilt of his father’s death, Loki will stop at nothing to protect his new family and atone for his sins.

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