Robert/Jimmy, Supernatural Elements, Drama, Magic, Alternate Universe


New Orleans, 1973. Jimmy Page is a well-respected wizard working out of a curio shop in the French Quarter. When a golden god named Robert seeks Jimmy’s help banishing a malevolent spirit, Jimmy is in no position to refuse. Robert is charming, sweet, and undeniably sexy, and Jimmy’s professional interest soon turns into a personal one. But Robert’s supernatural problem is not as simple as it seems, and driving out the ghost means unearthing his long-buried family secret.

As Jimmy contends with the paranormal menace, he opens up a Pandora’s box of mayhem and corruption by challenging the Grand Coven, the council of witches and wizards who keep order and punish offenders. With ruthless assassins on his heels, Jimmy must find a way to save himself and Robert before it’s too late.

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