Metallica Shrine!!!!

Metallica is...
  • James Hetfield: Vocals, Rhythm Guitar
  • Lars Ulrich: Drums
  • Kirk Hammett: Lead Guitar
  • Rob Trujillo: Bass
    Past Members:
  • Cliff Burton: Bass
  • Jason Newsted: Bass
  • Dave Mustaine: Lead Guitar
  • Ron McGovney: Bass
Video Spotlight
We Stan Kings

You know who they are. I don't need to explain. This page is for me to ramble and stan my faves.

I discovered Metallica in the early '00s through DBZ AMVs I downloaded on Kazaa. An absolute banger MV for "No Leaf Clover" lives in my head rent-free to this day; it was the SSJ2 Gohan vs Perfect Cell fight, and it was amazing. Also the one where Krillin, Piccolo, Tien, and Yamcha fight Nappa set to "Sad But True." AMVs were how I discovered new music & bands back in the day. Most of the songs I heard back then were from Load and Reload. St. Anger wasn't even out yet.

I listened to a handful of their songs and liked them enough. Then St. Anger came out, and I only ever saw the PV for the title track about 100 times a day on VH1. But I was never really a huge fan. I was too busy stanning other groups.

OH BUT 2021 came and dragged me into stanning hell. I watched some of their old concerts and went ๐Ÿ‘€ at Kirk, and then I watched some clips/interviews and Lars completely bias-wrecked me ๐Ÿ˜‚

I am incredibly hyped for their comeback (hopefully) this year!!!!!

My first Metallica concert was 2/25/22 in Las Vegas!!! (โˆฉหƒoห‚โˆฉ)โ™ก Here's to many more!

My second Metallica show was 7/28/22 in Chicago!!! omfg i love this band so much y'all

2023 Comeback

So Metallica just dropped a new single from their upcoming album and I haven't stopped screaming about it.

AND they announced a world tour next year, with shows I don't need to travel to!!!!!!!!!!

Fannish Shit

Like I always do when I get obsessed with something, I rub my cringy fannish hands all over it. Can I offer you some fic or fanart in these trying times?

Maybe a visual novel?


Please read my ship manifesto about Kirk and Lars. Join me in shipping hell. Or don't. I'm not your dad. My DW Metallica tag is just me raving like a madman about these two.


I have a YT playlst for some of my favorite Metallica videos. It's very small right now but I will add things as I find them! (I just noticed my favorite video on this playlist was deleted!?!??!?! (โ”›โ—‰ะ”โ—‰)โ”›ๅฝกโ”ปโ”โ”ป)

Kill 'Em All

Fave Tracks
โ˜† Hit the Lights
โ˜† Whiplash
โ˜† Seek & Destroy
โ˜† No Remorse

Ride the Lightning

Fave Tracks
โ˜† Creeping Death
โ˜† For Whom the Bell Tolls
โ˜† Fight Fire With Fire
โ˜† Fade to Black

Master of Puppets

Fave Tracks
โ˜† Master of Puppets (An iconic banger!!!!!!)
โ˜† Battery
โ˜† Welcome Home (Sanitarium)
โ˜† The Thing That Should Not Be

...And Justice for All

Fave Tracks
โ˜† Blackened
โ˜† One
โ˜† The Shortest Straw
โ˜† Harvester of Sorrow

The Black Album

Fave Tracks
โ˜† Every
โ˜† Single
โ˜† Track
โ˜† Slaps!!!!!


Fave Tracks
โ˜† Ain't My Bitch
โ˜† Until It Sleeps
โ˜† King Nothing
โ˜† Hero of the Day
โ˜† Bleeding Me
โ˜† Wasting My Hate
โ˜† Mama Said


Fave Tracks
โ˜† Fuel
โ˜† The Memory Remains
โ˜† Devil's Dance
โ˜† The Unforgiven II
โ˜† Attitude
โ˜† Bad Seed

St. Anger

Fave Tracks
โ˜† Frantic
โ˜† St. Anger
โ˜† Some Kind of Monster

Death Magnetic

Fave Tracks
โ˜† The Day That Never Comes
โ˜† All Nightmare Long
โ˜† That Was Just Your Life
โ˜† Broken, Beat & Scarred
โ˜† Cyanide Self-Destruct

Fave Tracks
โ˜† Hardwired
โ˜† Atlas, Rise!
โ˜† Moth Into Flame
โ˜† Now That We're Dead
โ˜† Spit Out the Bone
โ˜† Halo On Fire