The Road So Far

Robert/Jimmy, Jonesy/Bonzo, Alternate Universe, Dark Themes, Humor, Drama, Developing Relationship, Fluff


July 1977. Jimmy is thirty-three years old with nothing to show for it. No beautiful wife. No two-point-five kids. No satisfying, fulfilling career. Nothing to point to a life being lived with any success. His closest friends are Beep, his high school friend turned Hollywood hotshot who supplements Jimmy's burgeoning cocaine addiction, and Robert, his annoyingly British coworker at Swan Song Records.

After Jimmy finds himself unemployed, he boldly attempts to make a change: he's going on a cross-country road trip, and he's taking Robert with him. Burning up the highway, Jimmy struggles to make sense of the mess his life's become and tries in vain not to fall in love with Robert, whose brilliant optimism threatens to break through Jimmy's cynical, hardened heart. As they drive across the United States, strangers become friends, passions are awakened, and lives begin anew.

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