Folie à deux

Original Fiction, Dark Themes, Developing Relationship, Male/Male

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When sullen teen outcast Syd meets the bubbly, outgoing exchange student Taehyun, it should be a match made in hell; Taehyun has all the irritating qualities of the popular kids who have made Syd’s school years miserable. But instead a friendship blossoms between them, then a romance, and Syd’s lonely life begins to evolve. His self-esteem rises, the cloud of his depression lifts, and he actually makes friends.

But just as Taehyun isn’t what he seems to be, neither are the self-proclaimed Rebels in Syd’s new social circle. Soon, Syd is drawn into a wicked game more sinister than he could ever imagine. To survive, he must contend with the darkness, and understand that friends are sometimes at the heart of that darkness.

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